Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Family Celebrancy | More Celebrations in February, please

February is a bit of a lacklustre month -

With the notable exception of Valentine's Day - with its over-priced flowers and restaurant reservations - there's really not a lot to enjoy or look forward to during its short, cold and dark 28 days.

So here's my recommendation: throw a party or, better still, how about combining it with a proper celebration ceremony?

Should "The Question" be popped along with the cava cork on February 14th, remember that Engagement Ceremonies are becoming increasingly popular. 
Or, perhaps you feel the time is right to renew your vows in front of family and friends.

Could it be that Western Society is in danger of losing its cheerfulness? 

Compare our lifestyle, for instance with those who live in Bali where each person experiences 13 major rites of passage in his or her lifetime ... and each one is marked by an elaborate ceremony. 
It has been estimated that a typical Balinese woman spends one third of her waking hours either preparing for a ceremony, participating in a ceremony or clearing up after a ceremony ... hmm, maybe that is a bit much ... but a couple of extra February celebrations could be fun.

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