Monday, 9 March 2015

Family Celebrant | It's all down to location

Geese are not always friendly
On the village green beside the duck pond, or on a Mediterranean beach at sunset … couples can now choose anywhere and any time of the day or night to celebrate their marriage or civil partnership, vow renewal or even naming ceremony.

If you can find a celebrant and enough friends and family who like mountaineering or deep sea diving  - your special day could be spent on a mountain top or you can even say “I do” with bubbles through underwater breathing apparatus. 

Woodland, yurt, castle or even in your own back garden, which ever location you pick, it’s a good idea to talk to your celebrant or wedding planner before getting the invitations printed so that he or she can point out any potential hazards. What might happen, for instance, if that predicted summer shower turns out to be the heaviest downpour since weather records began. It might be wise to have a Plan B in place … just in case.

So, to make sure that your special day is memorable for all the right reasons, here are one or two thoughts to consider when picking that all important location, location. location …
Morris dancers also have rights

Quaint and picturesque though it might be, homework is definitely needed before choosing to hold your ceremony on a piece of common land in the centre of a village. Apart from the obvious cautionary notes about duck mess or possible grazing sheep, you also don’t want the local under 15 cricket team to start putting in their stumps and nets in the spot you had allocated for elderly aunts’ seating. Do check with the parish council first. Although “common” land technically belongs to everyone in the community, there could well be a pre-booking rota in place.

The cricket team might have pre-booked
Best also to talk to the council and check out any detailed local maps regarding the possibility of obstructing by ways or public footpaths. If, for instance, you put up a marquee or hold an open air party over a foot-path, anybody who chooses to join in your celebration, is within their rights to do so. 

Forget the words “gate crasher”, absolutely any passing person or animal can become your uninvited guest and take full advantage of your hospitality enjoying the full catering service and drinks on offer.  

This is food for thought. Remember it is a “bridle-path” not a “bridal-path”.

More on this next time…

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