Monday, 16 March 2015

Wedding Celebrant | Prepare for al fresco ceremonies

Grumpy geese, wet sheep, random ramblers and the possibility of maypole or morris dancers aside, there is a lot to be said for wedding ceremonies al fresco as long as you are well prepared. 

As every successful family celebrant knows, ceremonies that leave nothing but happy memories behind, tend not to happen by accident. Even the simplest, understated event should be carefully orchestrated down to the last tiny detail.  Remember the old adage: fail to plan and you plan to fail.  
A small bottle of water for each guest

If you still decide to go ahead with the common ground venue, and set up the buffet over a public footpath, any passing walker with an appetite can partake of your hospitality. If your marquee encroaches in any way on a bridlepath, you cannot stop wet dogs - or anyone else for that matter -from joining in your party. The local police can only get involved if there is a disturbance - but who wants that on their big day?

Obviously, the success of any outdoor location is going to be determined - at least to some degree - by the whims of the weather. Be sure to inform your guests if there will be grass under foot so that the women can abandon their high heels in favour of platforms and everyone can bring a colour-coordinated brolly … just in case.

And don’t think that weather-related hazards are exclusive to the vagaries of the English climate. Mediterranean summer weddings also need to be well planned taking into account the angle of sun at the exact time of day and the correct placement of canopies. 

Undoubtedly the summer months - while the most popular amongst brides - can be positively dangerous without adequate shade and making sure that everyone is properly hydrated. Place a small bottle of water by each seat; and pretty fans make ideal wedding favours for your guests. 

The combination of a tight dress, a few too many glasses of cava on top of a nervous empty stomach baked together in the 30-degree sunshine can lead to disaster. Victorian melodramas aside, fainting brides are not a pretty sight!

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