Thursday, 2 April 2015

Wedding Celebrant | Vows - it's OK to laugh

This couple's wedding vows went viral after the bride gets an uncontrollable fit of the giggles when the groom stumbles over the word "lawfully" - it seems that his sub conscious mind had wandered off to waffles and pancakes!

It really isn't that unusual to burst out laughing at moments of high tension -YouTube and out take TV programmes are full of such clips. If "corpsing" can happen to professional actors, what hope is there for us amateur stars on our Big Days? Probably, not much!

Even at funerals, the most solemn of occasions, mirth can - and sometimes does - spill over amongst the mourners. If this happens the message should be that it is not disrespectful and that it is OK to laugh.

Celebrants have to learn to cope with the unexpected at any ceremony and calmly pick up where it all went wrong - although I think this celebrant was a tad hasty in trying to get the vows back on track, as our bride clearly wasn't composed enough for another try.

I am pretty certain that when this couple look back on their wedding day, they will recall saying their vows ... and smile at the very funny memory.

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