Wednesday, 27 May 2015

What Not to Wear for a Celebration | Family Celebrant | Civil Celebrant

Pink for a girl and blue for a boy
When planning any ceremony, the choice of colour scheme will probably be one of the first decisions to make. Once the date and location is booked, our minds turn quickly to the style and colour of the event. 

For our guests it’s a pretty similar sequence. The jumble of thoughts on receiving an invitation include: ‘Oooh how lovely’ and ‘Can I make it?’ rapidly followed by ‘What will I wear?’ 

So what role does colour play in a ceremony? 

It’s pretty obvious that a naming ceremony for a little girl is going to require lots of pink decorations while blue ribbons and balloons are the boy option. However, the situation is considerably more complicated when arranging a wedding ceremony, vow renewal or civil partnership.
Colours of a favourite football team are popular

Nor can you take for granted that a sombre dark grey, navy or black is the dress code for a funeral. Part of the growing trend of ‘celebrating the life’ of the deceased - as opposed to focusing solely on the tragedy of loss and grief at his or her death - many families are now requesting that ‘mourners’ wear more optimistic and life affirming shades. 

The same colours as the strip of the deceased’s favourite football team are another popular choice. Let’s not forget that the theme tune of Match of the Day” is now firmly in the top ten of favourite funeral music. 

Colour must be taken into consideration when planning joyous celebrations too … and it’s not just about  the flowers and outfits for the bridesmaids.

Sand comes in all colours
If, for instance, “hand fasting” or a sand pouring ceremony is going to be included, then more decisions must be made - ribbons and sand come in all shades and tones; and - crucially - each one has a slightly different meaning.

More on selecting palettes and fifty shades of …to come.