Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Fifty Shades ... It's all about The Palette | Wedding Celebrant

Shades of artichoke - a personal favourite
Time was, when someone mentioned their “palette” you would think about the board used by artists to mix their paints … or perhaps - if  there had been a mix up with either of the homophones “palate” and “pallet” - their sense of taste, or even a platform used in a warehouse for moving things around.

But today - especially if there is a wedding in the air - the word “palette” refers to the tones of colours that will create the wedding theme for outfits, flowers and table decorations. At least that is clearly the case Stateside.

At the weekend, I was fortunate enough to attend (as a guest, not celebrant) a beautiful wedding in Berkeley, California. The venue was an open air amphitheatre-shaped clearing in a woodland park on
From sage to basil
an extremely warm, early September evening.

I had first visited the venue with the bride and groom back in May. I recall looking down the grassy banks at a  group of long legged, Californian lovelies lined up for photographs. There were about a dozen of these bronzed and polished young women each wearing a different shade of apricot and they were positioned - like a paint chart - by the depth of colour of their dresses. 

It was all so polished and perfect that I thought that we had bumped into a magazine photoshoot or possibly the filming of a DIY home decoration commercial. 

But no, the bride-to-be informed me that  what we were witnessing was the taking of wedding photos. She explained that the current trend was not to choose one single colour for the bridesmaids’ dresses - instead, (and this is where I first heard the word in this context) it was all about the “palette”.

Like the word itself, the scene below suddenly took on a whole new dynamic. Who decides who gets the baby-soft blush peach shade and who - at the other end of the spectrum - has to wear the almost glow-in-the-dark orange creation. 

Although the style of the dresses could be pretty much what you like, I found myself wondering about arguments and fallings out over FaceTime  and even a ‘swatches at dawn’ scenario at the hen weekend.

I should perhaps also point out that the same colour palette situation applies to the “groom’s people” who comprise men and women - friends and family - of the groom who also line up for the ceremony in a colour coordinated manner.
Groom's people and bridesmaids

So, back to our 'Labor Day' weekend celebration … the palette was perfect for the woodland setting. The bridesmaids wore shades of green - from the softest sage, through pistachio and mint to - staying with the herbs - dark basil tones. While all were dressed in greys and silvers on the groom’s side. It looked magical.

And me? What did I wear? Well, by happy accident, my bottle green lace dress was a perfect match. In fact - if I had been thirty years younger - I could have stood beside Miss Dark Basil in the bridesmaids’ line up! 

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