Sunday, 7 February 2016

Broom Jumping | and Hand Fasting | at the Bank | Family Celebrant

Corn broom in the process of being decorated
My bags are packed and I’m ready to go … actually, that is not quite true.
The things a Celebrant needs to take to an exhibition would never fit into any bag - normal or otherwise.

First there are the banners … when fully extended these two beauties measure 200 cm high by 80 cm wide. Happily these each come with a very clever back pole which contracts down to fit in the base and a handy carrying bag about the size of a rolled yoga mat.

Then there are the decorated corn brooms for broom jumping. I’ve been busy painting these white before the fun part of dressing them up begins. One is in a distinctive deep pink and dark green theme (to match a Save the Date card) - number two is still in my imagination but I’m thinking a bright blue might be rather eye-catching.
Broom painting

All the other bits and pieces - including my chest of ribbons for hand fasting, bottles of coloured sand, candles, glass smashing bags etc - will, I suppose fit into some sort of carrying bag alongside the leaflets and other paperwork.

So, with all this paraphernalia, I will be in Barclays Bank, Aylsham tomorrow (Monday 8th) and again on Friday (12th). Please note the pre-Valentine’s Day dates and don’t forget that this is a Leap Year with all that that means …

Chest of ribbons

In the unlikely event that any readers might be in Norfolk next week …. I’d love to welcome you to my display. 

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