Monday, 29 February 2016

Leap Year Proposals | How to Pop the Question | Wedding Celebrant

Hurry Up Girls!  You’ve still got time ….

Today’s the day we get to bin all that submissive “re-active” stuff and get “pro-active”! It’s the day to make things happen by reaching out for all that February 29th has to offer. 

In other words, why wait around, for your man to finally pop the question. If you want to marry him, then you propose.

It would seem that we have the impatient, Irish St Bridget to thank for the tradition of Leap Year proposals. Understandably she was somewhat miffed about the length of time women were expected to wait for a man to ask for their hand in marriage. 

Apparently she had a chat about this with St Patrick and together they came up with the idea that the situation could be reversed on February 29th - every four years. In the rather sexist manner of the day, this became known as St Bridget’s Complaint.

The first documented case of a woman taking advantage of the situation was in 13th Century Scotland where a law was passed imposing a fine on any man who rejected a February 29th proposal. The most common penalty was that he would have to buy a pair of gloves for the lady in question. 

In some European countries February 29th became known as Bachelors’ Day and fines for rejecting a wedding proposal would be as high as buying the woman twelve pairs of gloves - one pair for each month of the year. The new gloves were also a handy way of hiding the shame of a ring-less finger. 
Gloves: the perfect way to hide a naked finger

You don’t have to go down on one knee or try to recreate the ‘flowers and music’ proposal setting of your own dreams. Instead,  I would suggest, attempt to get inside his male head. Obviously, if you want to spend the rest of your life with him, you know him really well and it shouldn’t be too difficult to put together the sort of scenario that would absolutely bowl him over. It’s highly likely that favourite food is involved. After all it is said that the way to his heart is via his stomach.

However, chances are - this question should not be popped in a restaurant or other public place. Unless he is a publicity-hungry cast member of the Only Way is Essex, or some other reality TV series, chances are he would much prefer a private scenario which would also be considerably more romantic.

It would also be unwise to attempt to compete with his favourite football team or other activity which is all-absorbing. But, sharing a joint activity, like taking a walk together, cooking or maybe even on a ski slope, might be a good moment to bring up the subject of getting married. 

Or, if he’s sporty - and enjoys surprises - perhaps weave something novel in alongside his hobby … like jumping out of a bush on his usual jogging circuit and waving a sign saying “Will You Marry Me?” 

If he’s more likely to favour a subtle approach, you could even consider dropping hints by writing an article like this ... And don’t worry, if today just didn’t feel quite right, don’t panic girls. Tradition allows you the rest of the leap year in which to pop the question.

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