Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Celebrating life events - with a celebrant, of course | Family Celebrant

Sincere thanks to “Just Aylsham” and the “Just Regional” team for this article about me which appeared in the February issue of the magazine.

It is not so much about seeking publicity, but more spreading the 'Celebrant Awareness' message. 
Spreading the word at Barclays, Aylsham
A recent two-day display in my local branch of Barclays bank made me realise that most people have not much idea about what a celebrant actually does. Some people thought that my colourful collection of sand (for unity sand ceremonies) had something to do with perfumes; and the decorated broom raised many curious eyebrows. 

So, now more local people know that there is another way of celebrating all the major life events … there is perhaps the bigger question: whether North Norfolk is quite ready to embrace all the special elements that a celebrant can offer. 

I believe the answer is “yes”... so, watch this space for broom jumping and hand fasting news.

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