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New grooms help brides choose their dress | Wedding Celebrant

Men go for a fitted style ...
Something old, 
Something new, 
Something borrowed, 
Something blue.

There are many superstitions surrounding weddings from what to wear to the unlucky pitfalls to avoid.

Right up at the top of any bride’s priority list is surely to keep her dress a secret until the Big Reveal - the moment she arrives, usually accompanied by her father, for the ceremony itself. It is then - and only then - that the guests and her husband to be, see her looking gorgeous in her wedding dress for the first time.
...while brides prefer a relaxed look

It is always - no matter how many weddings  one has been to - an extremely emotional and unforgettable moment. I am a firm believer that all brides looks beautiful and radiant on their wedding day and it is an honour to share that special intimate moment when the groom sees them approaching for the first time.

It doesn’t matter if the bride and groom might have been living together as a couple for years - even if they have children - in my experience, most like to spend the night before their wedding apart. They will usually get dressed away from each other with the bride helped by her bridesmaids and the groom by his best man. All this adds to the wonderful surprise of the wedding dress Big Reveal marking the beginning of their marriage.

However, according to a headline in this Saturday’s Daily Mail - “Bad luck be damned! Now chaps help brides choose their dress” -  this custom is on the way out.
Carrie took Charles to help choose her dress

It would seem that increasing numbers of women are ditching this superstition and bringing their fiances - not their mothers or sisters - with them when they go to choose their gown.

According to owners of wedding dress boutiques, brides want to know that their other half loves their dress before the wedding. It is estimated that one in fifteen couples now shop for the wedding dress together with the groom having his say on the style. Perhaps, hardly surprisingly, most men favour fitted styles that show off the bust and bottom.

The frothy look of the 90's
It would seem that shopping for the dress together is part of a larger trend for abandoning tradition and opting for alternative - less formal - ceremonies. 

This theme is echoed by “my” Norfolk weddings this year. All the couples I am working with have emphasised how they want a relaxed  wedding and to make sure that their guests feel comfortable too.

That said, to the best of my knowledge, none of the grooms have seen the wedding dresses yet so I am looking forward to being in on the Big Reveal on the day.

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