Celebrating A Life | Your Way

Planning a funeral ceremony is something that most of us choose not to think about. However - sadly - there will come a time when we must say goodbye to a loved one and when it will be up to us to mark the occasion by celebrating their life.

During those dark, sad days following such a loss, I can sensitively step in and help you create and deliver a sincere, bespoke ceremony that will truly reflect the life and personality of the deceased.

To do this, we will spend some time together during which you can tell me all about your loved one. As well as the big achievements, I am also interested in his or her particular idiosyncrasies … the quirky character-full things that made them into the special person they were.  

Armed with this detailed information - together with some musical ideas, possible readings and with a theme in mind - I will write a unique ceremony and eulogy that will reflect the personality of the deceased and be a true tribute to his or her life.

Remember that, while my aim is to help you celebrate the life of the deceased, in the most appropriate way, the choice of content and theme of  the funeral ceremony is entirely yours. 

You might want your ceremony to take on a semi-religious tone and include a hymn or prayer;  or possibly you prefer an entirely secular “Celebration of Life” ceremony. Whatever your choice, I can provide guidance and advice with selecting, for instance, appropriate  music and readings.  Later I can then produce and deliver your individual ceremony. 

Please be aware that no two ceremonies are ever the same. Along with my fellow members of the UK Society of Celebrants, I consider this to be the core “heart” of what I do: I do not deliver any ceremony by rote or by merely changing the names in a pre-written script.

After you approve my suggested final format, I will also liaise with your Funeral Director and chosen venue confirming the details. If the ceremony is to be held at a crematorium for instance, these checks include a crucial  “time check” making sure that the length of ceremony is compatible with its allocated slot. 

Below are just a few basic ideas for consideration when planning a funeral:

Music - this can play an important role in creating the appropriate atmosphere. It can reflect the deceased’s taste, as well as that of the family, It is usual to have one piece for the entrance and another for the closing of the ceremony. In addition, a third track can be played during a quiet, reflection time. Sometimes it is fitting for the mourners to join in singing a much-loved song or hymn.

Readings - If you are struggling to find a special poem or verse, I have lots of examples. These can be delivered by a relative, friend or by me if you prefer.

Eulogy - This is the very “heart” of the funeral ceremony. With your help, I can write and deliver this special tribute if required.

You might also like to consider a photo and memorabilia display; and other elements such as the lighting of candles, placing of flowers or the release of balloons.

As a civil celebrant, my ultimate aim is that each funeral or memorial ceremony will pay a proper tribute to the deceased and  that it will ultimately help with the grieving process. 

In time, I would hope that it will be reflected upon with a lighter heart and recalled with gentle, fond memories.